Forms and protocols

This page is a collection of documents relating to the collection, storage and submission of wildlife forensics cases.

DNA sampling kit

DNA sampling kit

case submission form 

click here to download a case submission form (pdf).


envelope for storage of DRY biologicals

swab for sampling wet or dry stains

There is a growing range of modern analytical approaches to DNA testing that would be useful in wildlife forensics, and when used appropriately, these approaches can be highly discriminatory.  Murdoch University is well placed and equipped to carry out a variety of DNA testing on non-human forensic and seizure investigations. However, in order to be able to use this information for legal proceedings it is vital that correct procedures are carried out when collecting DNA. This document provides a detailed description of DNA sampling procedures to ensure DNA integrity is maintained as well as eliminating the risk of contamination thus compromising the sample and its use in a forensic setting.

One of the most common queries we receive is from people in the field who want to collect samples for DNA analysis. In collaboration with the Department of Environment and conservation we have assembled a DNA sampling kit that contains all the gear you will require to sample any biological substance. Importantly, this kit will ensure that the DNA reaches us in a good, non-fragmented, state that is suitable for DNA work. The more degraded the DNA the more complicated the genetic screening becomes.


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